BROWSE this article on BROWS (Cheezy, I know… but I couldn’t resist)

8 Nov

Over the years I’ve come to accept the fact that I’m one of those “control freaks.” This being said, you can image it would only get exponentially worse when dealing with slow-growing, expression-defining, facial hair. In my defense though, (cause it’s my blog, hehe) these two caterpillars sitting atop our brow bone we call EYEBROWS are one of the most important aspects of our face. They can change our look completely, for the better, or worse. Fortunately, unlike the nose or lips, eyebrows are easily reinvented. Now if you are anything like me, the idea of walking into a nail salon to have your slightly overgrown eyebrows ripped from your face with molten lava wax sounds like a pretty painful gamble at best. I prefer to manage my own. But without the correct knowledge this can easily turn into a disaster as well. So the question is, how do we know if our brows need changing? And how do we change them? A makeup artist I worked with at the 2006 NYC Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week showed me these few tricks:

To measure where your eyebrows should start, take a No. 2 pencil (yes, the same type you filled in those SAT circles with) and place it vertically at the side of your nose. The key here is vertically. One side of the pencil should be touching the outermost aspect of your nostril, and the other side will conveniently show where your eyebrow should begin. Cool, huh.

Moving on. The arch should break directly above the outer circle of your iris (the colored area). Following the natural curve of your arch, the brow should end just outside your eye. If it travels down too much further, it could give you a saddened look. See diagram for help:

Now, if you’re finding yourself in a panic right now because your brows are over-plucked (most are), don’t fret. I have just the thing. I am not sponsored by this product in any way. But if I was, it wouldn’t make a difference. I will lay my reputation on the line for LiBrow, $139.97, available at This tiny bottle of magic will grow back those sparse brows in 4-6 weeks. Don’t give up after a few weeks with no results because they literally happen overnight (in my experience).

Bonus Tip: Pluck your brows hair by hair. If you jump for the mass excision approach, you might regret it. Also, pluck hairs in the direction that they grow. Plucking against the growth could increase your risk for “tweezing pimples.” Another way to prevent those white bumps that come up after tweezing is to keep your newly groomed brows dry. Wetting a newly plucked area can introduce a perfect breeding ground for bacteria in your open hair follicle. Try washing your face before you tweeze, not after.

To reshape your now beautifully bushy brows, try these tweezers & razors:

RUNWAY: Tweezerman Luxe Edition Crystal Slant Tweezer, $100.00, available at (For those of you who can’t get enough Swarovski); or La-Tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezer, $24.00, available at (These have a built in light & proceeds support Breast Cancer!!); or La Vague Diamond Tweezer, $100.00, available at (A legit 1/20 diamond on your tweezers, no joke).

MY WAY: FEATURED PRODUCT: Tinkle Eyebrow Razor, $2.50, (Try this once and you’ll be hooked!); or Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezer, $12.50, available at (A perfect size for your purse).



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