Deodorant On Your Clothes Again?! Try this…

9 Nov

Okay, so it’s Tuesday. You’re no longer motivated to get a “jump-start” on the week like you were yesterday. Most likely, you snoozed the alarm one too many times, skipped breakfast, and threw on your “safety” outfit. And as you were running out the door, already 10 minutes late, you noticed those sneaky white deodorant bands that stretched completely across your left side. Damn. Unfortunate, but completely expected for a morning like that. You turned back and started running towards the bedroom to find your other “safety” shirt in a pile of laundry. While scattering clothes in all directions, you started thinking of an excuse to justify your tardiness… Cat’s sick, car died… when everyone knows you were just running late again. You know how this story ends…Ugh.

The good news? A little deo on your clothes won’t hold you back a minute longer after reading this next tip. I learned this secret from a stylist,  30 seconds before walking out on the Neiman Marcus runway (thank goodness!)…

Next time you find yourself in this extremely frustrating predicament, turn back to your closet. No, not to pick out another shirt, but to grab a wire hanger. The kind with foam on the arms to be exact [See picture]. Strip off the hanger’s foam coat and rub the outer side of the foam onto that chalky mess. Don’t worry. You are not rubbing it in further. It will clean right up… and without any water stains!

I did this demonstration myself to show you how excellent this one is. I took my deodorant (the cream kind that comes through the little holes), scraped a couple clicks onto my fingers, and rubbed them onto your standard black cotton shirt. Nothing special. I marked off the area with yellow pins to ensure it’s the same area. These pictures were even taken with my iPhone and were not edited in ANY way. Click & Upload. See for yourself!…



Bonus tip: Store a piece of hanger foam in the glove box of your car to fix on the go!

You can thank me now, or later. But either way, I know you’ll love this trick! Take this poll to tell others what YOU think:




One Response to “Deodorant On Your Clothes Again?! Try this…”

  1. Jenn November 9, 2010 at 08:43 #

    What a great tip! I have never heard it before but so plan on using it…I try to “deodorize” after dressing, but some days I forget and it’s always a dark shirt day that I do!

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