Tame Those Flyaways!

10 Nov

Good morning readers!

I want to quickly thank everyone who has been checking in quite often to The RUNWAY DIARIES! Sunday had a record breaking 290 visitors! You make this blog worthwhile and I couldn’t thank you enough for your support.

Even though I am in denial about the rapidly approaching winter months, they’re still going to roll right on in. Now, I’m all about beautiful scarves, chocolate brown riding boots, opaque tights and adorably-knitted hats, don’t get me wrong. But what I can’t stand more than anything in the winter… is static-y hair. And isn’t it those daily annoyances that always seem to be unavoidable, no matter what you do?!  Well, here are a few tips from various runway stylists to get us all through the winter, static-free:

Wisk your teasing comb quickly through a burst of hairspray before combing down your part. The tiny teeth of the comb won’t separate hair like a brush would.

Rub a dryer sheet from root to tip just after blow drying those beautiful locks. It will cut down on static electricity AND makes your hair super soft!

When hats are to blame for that electrical socket look, spray a quick spritz of Static Guard inside the hat before placing it on your head.

To prevent static from becoming a problem, throw a hand-sculpted ball of aluminum foil into the dryer. Just remember to dial it down from “high heat.” Though, I know it’s a wonderful thing to pull that warmed pair of sweat pants out of the dryer after a shower.

Here are a few winter accessories to get you in the mood 🙂

RUNWAY: Galliformes Fedora by Yestadt Millinery, $348.00, available in-store at Anthropologie & online at Anthropologie.com; CHANEL Tweed Effect Lambskin Gloves, Unpriced, Fall-Winter 2001/2011 Pre-Collection (watch for these in stores soon).

MY WAY: BDG Flannel Fedora, $28.00, available in-store at Urban Outfitters & online at UrbanOutfitters.com; Nordstrom 22″ Long Leather Gloves, $168.00, available in-store at Nordstrom & online at Nordstrom.com.



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