A Step-By-Step Guide To This Season’s Hottest Accessory…

14 Nov

My brother, fiance’ and I went to see “Due Date” on Saturday night. Apart from it being hilarious (but I don’t review movies), I quickly became attached to Zach Galifianakis’ scarf. This little gem was literally in every scene and I loved it. It inspired me to do a segment on scarves just in time for that cool weather that’s been blowing in! While at the Dallas Market Center for the Fall 2010 Apparel Show, I was stopped in my tracks by an unusually tied scarf around a maniquinn’s neck. After minutes of trying to mentally figure it out myself with no luck, the designer stopped and showed me a step-by-step for this HOT new style. Now, I pictured each step for you using a square scarf (because it’s the more complicated one), but try it also with a standard long scarf and it will look much different:

Finished Product:


All images copyright of RUNWAY DIARIES

1. First, fold the scarf in half with one end a few inches longer than the other. (Note: Remember that my pictures are done with a square scarf, so I started out by folding it in half, corner to corner, to make a triangle… Then fold in half at the middle as mentioned above). Next, wrap scarf behind your neck with the looped end on your right [See Below]:

2. Place ONE of the loose ends through the loop [See Below]:

3. Twist the loop one half twist [See Below]:

4. Lastly, place the other loose end through the loop (over the red side of the loop, and through the loop) [See Below]:

5. Pull to even out the design [See Below]:

This look is best with thinner & longer scarves. Thick scarves can feel a bit like a noose when folded in half and then styled. Pair with a white t-shirt and jeans, or under your favorite fall coat!

Check out these beautiful pieces:

RUNWAY: Marc by Marc Jacobs Chunky Plaid Scarf, $198.00, available at Bloomingdales & Bloomingdales.com

MY WAY: Staring At Stars Woven Tulle Double Layer Oblong Scarf, $28.00, available at Urban Outfitters & UrbanOutfitters.com


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