Remember The Little Things…

24 Nov

During this holiday season, you’ll  be taking a TON of pictures. Pictures with family, pictures with friends, even pictures with food. Does my hair look good? Is my eyeliner bleeding? Should I have worn a different shirt? Though these topics are worth noticing, it’s often easy to forget the minor details in a picture that can differentiate it from a “first-round-delete” to “profile picture” quality. When modeling, you have no choice but to think of those small nuances; it’s your job! However, monetary benefit doesn’t have to be the reason for wanting to snap a good one this season. Go ahead, it’s okay to be a little vain on occasion:

Remember your hands. No one wants to be distracted by a big mitt. Make sure your hands are angled to the camera correctly. Point either your thumb-side or pinky-side of your hand to the camera, not the back of your hand or palm. Doing this will give your arms a more lean and stream-lined look, rather than being capped off with a club. Keep your thumbs tucked to your pointer finger and your arms relaxed at your side, slightly grazing your thigh, and you’ll be taking pictures like a professional in no time!

Go through your pictures and notice your hands. Most likely, the pictures you look most confident in are the one’s where your hands are controlled. Uncertainty will shine through pictures like a beacon. But thankfully, so does poise! So, pull those shoulders back and flash those pearly whites this Thanksgiving!


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