Five Chic DIY Holiday Hairstyles… Number One

16 Dec

Good Morning!

Recently I received a request for some easy do-it-yourself hair styles from the wife of an Air Force Officer in training. Their annual formal “dining out” event is coming up and most of the wives are trying to keep it “low-budget beautiful.”

When I received this request, my first thought was, “Man, I’m extremely honored to be given a chance to give back to these men & women who are giving up their lives every day so I can write this silly beauty blog in a free country.” I started to write her back a personal message, and that’s when my second thought came up. “I bet there’s more than a few people who are in a similar situation– wanting to look beautiful and polished for an important holiday event, but would rather spend their hard-earned money elsewhere than on a professional hair-style they will take down four hours later.”

I couldn’t agree more. In high school when everyone was setting up their professional salon hair appointments for homecoming and prom, I did my own. True, I didn’t earn many “cool” points by nixing the popular hair artist, but I learned a whole bunch about DIY beauty & hair that still remains useful many moons later when a stylist’s do’s are impractical for the swarm of holiday functions you’ll be attending.

That being said, for the next 5 posts I decided to share 5 Hot Do-It-Yourself  Holiday Hairstyles on the Runway Diaries so that everyone can feel fabulous this season, no matter the budget. These styles are timeless & chic, so check back often for an easy-to-throw-up-hair-style that will please all holiday long.


One of my personal favorites is the Messy Side Bun. It’s easy to do with any hair texture, almost every length, and takes 5 minutes. Plus, looks chic with any formal gown. Think, “I didn’t really try too hard to look beautiful today– but I do.”

Messy Side Bun

1. Start with air-dried hair. You may blow-dry if it makes your more comfortable, but add in some rough curls if you do– This style looks best with a bit of texture at the root & tip. If your wavy hair tends to be straight at the ends, gently curl the last few inches. (P.S. That’s most likely due to damage, so chop those off at your next cut.)

2. Part your hair on the right and finger comb your locks through to the ends.

3. Pull hair back in a low & loose, left-side ponytail, roughly an inch or so from the midline. (Hint: Use a rubber band that’s closest to your hair color to avoid it being noticeable.) If you have bangs, they will naturally separate from the bun after a few minutes of movement, as seen in the picture above. If your hair is one length, let it be one length. Please please please don’t pull down that pinky-sized section of hair in the front and curl it into a tight spiral. That’s a one way ticket back to the early 90’s. Let your hair do what it wants. If that piece wants to come down on its own, let it, and then add some bending in. But don’t help it.

4. Twist your pony until it starts to curl up on itself. (Hint: Twisting it to the left, away from midline, will create a more dramatic side bun, while twisting it to the right will draw it back towards the middle a bit. Find out which feels best for you. Everyone’s different… and we’re allll about that.)

5. As the pony starts twisting around itself, go with it’s natural twist direction, and wrap the pony into a bun. The tighter you twist, the more refined it will look… and as you can guess, the looser, the messier. Adapt it to your own personality.

6. Tuck the end of the pony between your head & the bun and secure with another ponytail holder. (Advanced Move: Tuck the end of the pony under the rubber band already used  in order to minimize foreign objects in your hair.)

7. It should feel a bit loose since this is not a sleek look. Take a few bobby pins to the stragglers to anchor them until it feels sturdy, but don’t over do it. This IS a messy bun, so let it be messy! Unless you’re a ballerina on show night. In that rare case, pin the heck out of it.

… And there you have it!



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