Five Chic Holiday Hairstyles… Number Two

17 Dec

We’ve been a loyal fan of this style since grade-school and it’s been our go-to mane ‘do for those (all too infrequent) gym outings. However, this season, the sweats & t-shirt classic is anything but boring! Try this sexy twist on a tried-and-true favorite and it’s sure to crowd please at any holiday fête!


Nothing showed up more on the runway & red carpet this season than the pony. And we’re still thanking the trend gods that we don’t have to chop off all our luscious locks into a V. Beckham wedge to be cool. On the contrary, this season (and next, by the way) it’s all about adapting the style to YOU! Here at TRD, we’re ALL about that. The pony can be stylized in a million different ways, but here’s the latest… and the run-down on doing it yourself.

The always posh Kate Beckinsale rocks the flipped out pony at the Hollywood premiere of "Going The Distance"

1. Start it off right with a quality texturizing spray through damp locks. Try Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, $14-21, click here to locate a salon nearest you.

2. Separate your damp, now texturized, hair into two sections: above your ear is the top, and the other becomes the bottom section. With a round brush, blow dry the top section under, and the bottom section flipped out. (Tip: Let the ends cool on the round brush to really set the direction of the flip.)

3. Starting at the forehead and working toward the crown, tease your hair in 1 X 2 inch sections (1 inch back and 2 inches wide), teasing about 2 inches up the hair shaft. Keep adding volumized sections until you reach the crown.

4. Gently brush your teased locks straight back into a pony, adjusting the height of your volume at this time.

5. Pull hair back into a high pony and secure with a rubberband. Once tightly secured, run that round brush through the underside of the pony, and next just through the ends to flip them out.

6. Add extra volume into the tail by teasing the top inch of the pony until it looks like the picture above.

7. For extra class, wrap a 1/2- inch wide section from the bottom of the tail around the rubberband and secure with a bobby pin.

…Now don that little black dress, a pair of killer heels & don’t forget your camera… ’cause we want to see it! Email your TRD successes to and we will brag on you 🙂



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