Five Chic DIY Hairstyles for the Holidays… Number Three

23 Dec

Michael Kors Hair Spring/Summer 2011, photo courtesy of Hanneli.

Good Morning!

Are you Knotty or Nice?! Take a break from Santa’s list and look forward to Spring 2011’s knottiest ‘do. The Double Hair Knot  was a huge hit on the runway of Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2011! Fashionistas everywhere are trying to figure out this new twist on the topsy-turvy. We have scoured the internet for instructions on “How To” make this look yours, but with no true success. So, in true RD fashion, we made our own! The Runway Diaries presents The Double Hair Knot in 4 Easy DIY Steps:

I think it’s necessary that you please note that I am in no way an artist, artistic, or even able to draw a proportionate stick figure. These pictures are purely for instructional (and comical) purposes only. Consider this hilarious attempt at drawing my Christmas present to you all. Enjoy!


Before we start, this style looks much more complicated than it is. Keep reminding yourself that as we go along & don’t make it harder than it really is! This style works best with long, very textured hair. If God didn’t give you coarse locks in genetics, spice it up yourself with a great texturizing spray! Try one of my favorites, Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray, $14-21, click here to locate a salon nearest you.

Step One: Section your hair into two sections [as pictured below], as if you are about to fasten your hair into pigtails. (Expert Tip: Unlike pigtails, it’s preferable that the middle part isn’t completely even & straight. Just grab your hair into two sections without worrying about dividing it up the scalp.) Along with numbering these sections, 1 & 2, I’ve also color coded them, PINK (1) & GREEN (2). This is not because I think you are an idiot or incapable of following along. Once we get a little further this will become helpful as the strands wrap in many different ways. Trust me.

copyright Runway Diaries 2010

Double Hair Knot: Step 1

Step Two: Next, cross the GREEN (2) section over the PINK (1), and pull the GREEN (2) back up through the middle. Pull tight! You are  simply tying a knot. [See Below]. (Expert Tip: You may want to stick a few bobby pins in at this time to aid in keeping the hair in place. It will be much easier to manipulate if you aren’t having to hold the first few steps together.)

copyright Runway Diaries 2010

Double Hair Knot: Step 2

Step Three: Essentially, you are now just going to repeat step two, but this time the PINK (1) will go over the GREEN (2). This may be a little confusing at first because the colors have now switched places, but we are still passing the right strand over the left as before.

copyright Runway Diaries 2010

Double Hair Knot: Step 3

Step Four: Almost done! After passing the PINK (1) group over the GREEN (2), pull the PINK (1) section up through the middle, just as you did before. Remember, you are just tying a knot. Pull tight, add a significant amount of bobby pins if you plan to be doing anything active, and you’re finished! Spritz a bit ‘o hairspray all over to add extra hold and scrunch up the ends for a rougher, yet sturdier look. There you have it!

copyright Runway Diaries 2010

Double Hair Knot: Step 4

Wear this new knot to practically any event! Pair down a “shoot, I’m too dressy for this party” crisis, or look messily cute while last-minute shopping! Either way, this hairstyle is a great new hit for DIY-ers everywhere! And don’t forget to email your TRD successes to  :)



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  1. Carly December 29, 2010 at 01:22 #

    looove it!

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