Five Chic DIY Hairstyles… Number Five

20 Jan

Rise and Shine!

So, it’s Thursday. You’re tired. Rundown. Hoping to make it to the end of the week. We understand. That’s why we’ve decided to feature a hairstyle that’s sure to liven things up! It’s playful, ultra-feminine, and dying to be part of your life again. Yes, again…

Reaching back to those school-girl years, this last coif features a style we’ve known & loved… then hated, and now re-invented for it’s most stylish debut yet! The BRAID! And not just any braid… The 2011 Spring/Summer runways were packed full of this tried & true ‘do, but always with a little twist. Here’s a few worth showing: (If you want a play-by-play on any of these, email us at, leave a comment, or visit our Submissions page for more info.)

Georges Chakra Spring 2011

Braids were low & loose at Georges Chakra Spring 2011.

Ungaro Spring/Summer 2011

Now, we realize that Ungaro's encircling braids are a little "milkmaid-esque" for the real world, but if you want a step by step anyway, contact us!

Lela Rose Spring 2011

This off-centered twist on the french braid snakes down an ultra-feminine blouse at Lela Rose Spring 2011.

Carlos Miele Spring 2011

A messier version of the classic style is the perfect compliment to Carlos Miele's sophisticated lines (Spring 2011).


RUNWAY: Here, design veteran Jean Paul Gaultier leaves Hermes in style by slipping a stylish scarf into the intricate weave of his final collection, Spring 2011. It’s classy, yet trendy. Easy, but intricate. Flirty, yet sophisticated. It’s JPG in a nutshell. What more could you ask for?! So, without further adieu, here’s the run-down on how to style it the RD way.

Hermes Spring/Summer 2011

Hermes Spring/Summer 2011

MY WAY: The beauty of the braid is that it works with almost every hair texture & length, so don’t be shy!

Step 1: Pull damp or dry hair back into a low-ponytail and secure with a rubber band. [Tip: Use a thin rubber band as opposed to a thick one. It makes securing the scarf super-easy!]

Step 2: Slip a bobby pin around the middle of a light & breezy headscarf. Slightly off midline works best so the scarf doesn’t end abruptly mid-braid. [Tip: You can also be creative with this! Use a ribbon, or a scrap of beautiful chiffon. The sky’s the limit.]

Try a scarf similar to this one, or scroll down to see the TRD favorite picks!

Step 2

Step 3: Tuck the bobby pin & accompanying scarf into your secured ponytail by fastening it to the outer-top of the rubber band. The bobby pin should be pointing down towards the end of your pony and slightly angled inward (30-degree-ish towards the middle, so it doesn’t stick out.)

Step 4: Cover the rubber band by wrapping each tail of the scarf around to the back, cross, and again to the front.

Step 5: Section your pony into three sections, giving the scarf tails to two of the three sections. [Tip: You can also experiment with this step by including the entire scarf (both tails) into one hair section. Or, try dividing your hair into two sections and make the scarf tails the third section.]

Step 6: Dig deep into those slumber party memories and braid the fool out of it! Secure with another rubber band and you’re done!

RUNWAY: Hermes Eperon d’Or Hand-rolled & Silk Twill Scarf, $375,

MY WAY: Anthropologie Cube Art Scarf, $38, Also available in pink, raspberry, and grey motifs.


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