The Real-World Guide To Non-Slip Espadrille Ribbons

22 Feb

Hello again!

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I welcome this new warm(er) weather with arms wide open! And in the spirit of the shining sun & cloudless skies, I thought we’d celebrate by taking a look at one of the most daring shoe styles of the spring 2011 season. Reminiscent of angelic ballet point shoes, John Galliano created these show stopping espadrilles for Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer 2011 runway. His bold colors, patterns, and platformed style paired with this feminine classic have the fashion world in awe… again.

Christian Dior Espadrille Pumps, Spring/Summer 2011

Christian Dior Espadrille Pumps, Spring/Summer 2011

Now, these works of art work fabulously for a 30 second walk down the runway, but rate low on the real-world practicality scale. If you’ve ever tried strutting your stuff in ankle-wrapped ribbons, you know that they always seem to end up coiled loosely at the base of your foot after 5 minutes. Not worth the frustration, in my book.

However, this simple little solution can be the cure to all your espadrille nightmares…

Christian Dior Espadrille Pump, Spring/Summer 2011

Christian Dior Espadrille Pump, Spring/Summer 2011

Place a small piece of double-sided Hollywood Fashion Tape directly under the ribbon, on either sides of the bow. If you tape anywhere lower, they will still look fantastic, but you won’t be able to walk. Taping the ribbon to your skin at the top allows for the flexion and extension of your ankle that’s involved in walking, while still providing the staying power to keep your heels fuss-free.

Now, start saving up because these beauties will cost you a pretty penny… but when those heads turn, I predict it will be well worth it! So kick up those heels of yours and check out our favorite style: Christian Dior’s Tahiti Espadrille Pump, $1,550, Neiman Marcus.

RUNWAY: Hollywood Fashion Tape, $8.99 for 36 strips,

MY WAY: Double Sided Tape, $5.49/dispenser,


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