I have mentally collected hundreds of wonderful tips while working as a runway model for going on 13 years now. When a situation presents itself, I find myself divulging these tips to inquirers faster than my mouth can move. Rewarding, yes. But not very efficient. So now, at the ripe age of 24, I finally decided to pass these on using the blogging technology at hand.

While most of these tips come directly from the makeup artists, hair stylists, agents, fashion stylists, designers, and fellow models that I’ve been blessed to work with over the years, I like to include thoughts from my nursing career as well. After all, the study of the body goes hand-in-hand with beauty and wellness. I have loved integrating these two elements of my life into one healthy, beautiful, and glamorous thing, and I hope you enjoy it as well!

Please feel free to comment, post, like, and any other cyber interaction you may see fit. Add more helpful information, ask questions, and play around… Because this one’s for you.