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Needle’s Haystack Grand Opening!

4 Apr Antique Rose Necklace, by My Heart Beads

Good Morning!

Today at 8am CST, the alluring world of accessories gets a modern facelift! Needle’s Haystack, a Dallas-born online marketplace designed exclusively for jewelry lovers & designers, opens their e-doors!… and selfishly, we wanted to be the first to tell you!

Despite the extreme pressures of starting a successful business, Stephen Lehn, CEO of Needle’s Haystack, took time out of his busy day to chat with us about his recent venture, what’s hot for spring, and what he’s offering every Runway Diaries reader!

Clad in his usual t-shirt & jeans, we first asked Lehn what lead him to such a feminine-driven line of work. Lehn describes his past frustrations with “finding the perfect piece of jewelry” for his mother’s birthday (aw!) like “finding a needle in a haystack.” Without the time to scour countless overpriced boutiques, estate sales, and local market vendors, his chances of finding something smashingly original were looking grim. Realizing that he probably wasn’t the only 20-something male searching for “a needle in a haystack,” Lehn set out to create the only marketplace devoted entirely to talented jewelry designers & stumbled upon a catchy name on the way! He quickly learned that not only were gift-searching males delighted with his discovery, but fashionistas of all ages quickly turned to Needle’s Haystack for their adorning needs!

At Needle’s Haystack, consumers are able to access & purchase “unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry, made by American designers” at a glance, Lehn says. Whether you’re in the market for a Unique Floral Engraved Locket Ring, $25.74, by My Heart Beads, or a Filigree Hand-tooled Sterling Silver & Ruby Bangle Bracelet, $414.70, designed by Lee, you’ll find a gem perfect for you!

Lehn gave us an insider heads up on what’s hot for spring in accessories; “Honey suckle is a popular color choice for spring 2011” and consumers can’t seem to stock up enough on “chunky bracelets.” He added that the “statement necklaces” we saw in fall are still very on-trend, but have updated their look with the addition of beautifully placed semi-precious stones. [TRD find: Sunshine Necklace, $78.65, designed by Jewels For Hope. We love the whimsical feel of this perfect-for-spring semi-precious statement necklace.]

Needle’s Haystack features hundreds (and quickly becoming thousands!) of independently designed pieces on a super-easy-to-use website, complete with detailed product information, alternate photo views, and one-click “Ask The Designer” capabilities. Click here to start shopping!

And for you talented designers, Needle’s Haystack is always looking for new designers to easily offer their unique creations to the e-commerce community, 24 hours a day, in just a few clicks! They add new products daily, so it’s never too late to become a Needle’s Haystack Seller!

The best part? Lehn is generously offering The Runway Diaries readers a $5 gift card towards their purchase at! Use promo code “ENJOY5DOLLARS” when checking out.

Other gems we found on NH:

Golden Seraph Necklace, $85.80, JKDK Designs.

Grey Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings, $25.74, Star Candy Designs.

Rough-Cut Ruby Drop Earrings, $47.19, Bespangled Jewelry.

18″ Freshwater & Baroque Pearl Necklace, $278.85, JYL Walker Jewelry Designs.

Breast Cancer Survivor’s Pendant, $164.45, Glenna Vasoli.


Spring 2011 Runway Trends: The 70’s Are Back!

25 Mar

Good Morning! Spring is starting to show itself in beautiful green buds & clear sunny skies. But what about wide brim hats and bright & breezy head-to-toe color? Oh yes, we have that here too! Abby Gregory, NBC DFW’s fashion authority let us in on one of the top spring trends for 2011. Click HERE to watch the video interview!

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Spring 2011 Runway Trends: Borrowing the Boyfriend’s Style

22 Mar

Once again, NBC’s fashion go-to girl, Abby Gregory, dishes on her favorite styles for Spring 2011. Seen all over the runway, the boyfriend look tops our charts & here’s why! Click HERE to watch The Runway Diaries & NBCDFW video interview!

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Spring 2011 Runway Trends: Vibrant, Statement-Making Prints

24 Feb

We met up with NBC’s fashion expert, Abby Gregory, to chat briefly about the hottest spring 2011 trends. Bold, beautiful prints were at the top of her list and we couldn’t agree more! Click HERE to watch the video interview!

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Five Chic DIY Hairstyles… Number Five

20 Jan Hermes Spring/Summer 2011

Rise and Shine!

So, it’s Thursday. You’re tired. Rundown. Hoping to make it to the end of the week. We understand. That’s why we’ve decided to feature a hairstyle that’s sure to liven things up! It’s playful, ultra-feminine, and dying to be part of your life again. Yes, again…

Reaching back to those school-girl years, this last coif features a style we’ve known & loved… then hated, and now re-invented for it’s most stylish debut yet! The BRAID! And not just any braid… The 2011 Spring/Summer runways were packed full of this tried & true ‘do, but always with a little twist. Here’s a few worth showing: (If you want a play-by-play on any of these, email us at, leave a comment, or visit our Submissions page for more info.)

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Turkey-Friendly Fashion…

25 Nov

copyright Alexis Bittar

Happy Thanksgiving!

With the big feast brewing in the oven, I felt it only appropriate to discuss some Turkey-friendly fashion options for tonight’s festivities. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning for tonight:

1. Make sure and leave some room to grow! Though it may look super cute in the mirror around 3pm, the post-stuffing distention will be anything but pleasant in that fitted cashmere top come 9pm. Opt for something adjustable: a belted flowy blouse paired with a bright cardigan, or a loose tunic top over leggings. Check out this Dancing Blooms Cardi, $128, available at

2. Layer. You might feel a bit warm while eating that hot stuffing and pumpkin pie, but once digestion starts (about 20-30 minutes after eating), blood flow will rush from your extremities to your gut, causing you to get pretty chilly. Laying is a great way to combat this.

3. Add some sparkle! Please don’t parade around like a disco ball, but adding a little bit of flair to your fashion is especially encouraged during the holidays. I suggest picking one ornate item and then building your outfit around that. Try this gorgeous pair of Pyrite Teardrop Earrings by Alexis Bittar, $235, available at with matching Crystal Encrusted Gold Pyrite Ring (pictured above), $275,; or this Sequin Jacket, $79.50, available at

Most importantly, have a wonderful time with family, friends and loved ones. After all, if you can’t give thanks for the people around you, this entire holiday is a little pointless 🙂 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

A Step-By-Step Guide To This Season’s Hottest Accessory…

14 Nov

My brother, fiance’ and I went to see “Due Date” on Saturday night. Apart from it being hilarious (but I don’t review movies), I quickly became attached to Zach Galifianakis’ scarf. This little gem was literally in every scene and I loved it. It inspired me to do a segment on scarves just in time for that cool weather that’s been blowing in! While at the Dallas Market Center for the Fall 2010 Apparel Show, I was stopped in my tracks by an unusually tied scarf around a maniquinn’s neck. After minutes of trying to mentally figure it out myself with no luck, the designer stopped and showed me a step-by-step for this HOT new style. Now, I pictured each step for you using a square scarf (because it’s the more complicated one), but try it also with a standard long scarf and it will look much different:

Finished Product:


All images copyright of RUNWAY DIARIES

1. First, fold the scarf in half with one end a few inches longer than the other. (Note: Remember that my pictures are done with a square scarf, so I started out by folding it in half, corner to corner, to make a triangle… Then fold in half at the middle as mentioned above). Next, wrap scarf behind your neck with the looped end on your right [See Below]:

2. Place ONE of the loose ends through the loop [See Below]:

3. Twist the loop one half twist [See Below]:

4. Lastly, place the other loose end through the loop (over the red side of the loop, and through the loop) [See Below]:

5. Pull to even out the design [See Below]:

This look is best with thinner & longer scarves. Thick scarves can feel a bit like a noose when folded in half and then styled. Pair with a white t-shirt and jeans, or under your favorite fall coat!

Check out these beautiful pieces:

RUNWAY: Marc by Marc Jacobs Chunky Plaid Scarf, $198.00, available at Bloomingdales &

MY WAY: Staring At Stars Woven Tulle Double Layer Oblong Scarf, $28.00, available at Urban Outfitters &