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Whiten Teeth Instantly With Spring 2011’s Hottest Runway Trend…

7 Apr

Good morning!

According to the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a third of the population (32%) say they are “concerned by the look of their teeth.” We brush, we floss, we whiten and spend unbelievable amounts of money each year to get a whiter smile. But did you know that you can whiten teeth instantly for about $5?!

That’s correct! For the price of a tube of lipstick, you can obtain a visibly whiter smile… AND be super on-trend this spring!

No trend is hotter this spring than ravishing red lips. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Givenchy &  Yves Saint Laurent all spiced up their spring creations with a hint of this crimson beauty, and so can you!


Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011. Marc expresses his wild side with a statement-making fire engine red lip.


Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2011. Lips are given a natural red wash of color at this season's fashion week.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2011

Louis Vuitton hits the Spring 2011 runway with a dark crimson pout, perfectly finishing out their sophisticated look.

Gucci Spring 2011

Red lips turn monochromatic when paired with bright color-blocking elements on the Gucci Spring 2011 runway.

Although any shade of red makes a statement on the runway, real life presents as a bit more of a challenge. Unlike the couture models of the runway, we’re constantly flashing our pearly whites throughout the day & thus, we must consider the effect our lipstick has on our smile. With so many variations of “red” available, it’s tough to know which red suits your smile best…. And that’s where we come in!

For the red that makes your teeth instantly whiter, stick to these 2 simple guidelines…

  1. Avoid reds that contain tones of peach, orange, brown, salmon & coral. Why? These shades tend to cast a yellowish hue on teeth, making them look dingy-ier than they really are. Instead, stick to reds that have a bluish undertone. These reds cancel out a yellow smile and whiten teeth instantly! [TRD Tip: Check out the photo below if you need help distinguishing between undertones.]
  2. Matte lips naturally absorb light, leaving teeth looking darker than they should. When choosing lipsticks, keep your attention towards the glossy variety, or products that have a bit of shimmer or shine to them. These types reflect tons of light, brightening your smile overall! [TRD TIP: If you already have a matte red in your perfect shade, sweep a coat of clear gloss over it just before making your entrance. If a matte lip has a bit of time to set before you gloss it, it will last much longer.] Try MAC’s Lipglass in Clear, $14.50. It’s worth it’s weight in gold.

Which one has the blue??

Try out these reds with a blue hue…

MAC Viva Glam, $14.50,

YSL Rouge Pur Couture SPF15 in Rouge Flamme, $30,

Stay tuned for more runway tips!


The Real-World Guide To Non-Slip Espadrille Ribbons

22 Feb

Hello again!

I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I welcome this new warm(er) weather with arms wide open! And in the spirit of the shining sun & cloudless skies, I thought we’d celebrate by taking a look at one of the most daring shoe styles of the spring 2011 season. Reminiscent of angelic ballet point shoes, John Galliano created these show stopping espadrilles for Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer 2011 runway. His bold colors, patterns, and platformed style paired with this feminine classic have the fashion world in awe… again.

Christian Dior Espadrille Pumps, Spring/Summer 2011

Christian Dior Espadrille Pumps, Spring/Summer 2011

Now, these works of art work fabulously for a 30 second walk down the runway, but rate low on the real-world practicality scale. If you’ve ever tried strutting your stuff in ankle-wrapped ribbons, you know that they always seem to end up coiled loosely at the base of your foot after 5 minutes. Not worth the frustration, in my book.

However, this simple little solution can be the cure to all your espadrille nightmares…

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Tame Those Flyaways!

10 Nov

Good morning readers!

I want to quickly thank everyone who has been checking in quite often to The RUNWAY DIARIES! Sunday had a record breaking 290 visitors! You make this blog worthwhile and I couldn’t thank you enough for your support.

Even though I am in denial about the rapidly approaching winter months, they’re still going to roll right on in. Now, I’m all about beautiful scarves, chocolate brown riding boots, opaque tights and adorably-knitted hats, don’t get me wrong. But what I can’t stand more than anything in the winter… is static-y hair. And isn’t it those daily annoyances that always seem to be unavoidable, no matter what you do?!  Well, here are a few tips from various runway stylists to get us all through the winter, static-free:

Wisk your teasing comb quickly through a burst of hairspray before combing down your part. The tiny teeth of the comb won’t separate hair like a brush would.

Rub a dryer sheet from root to tip just after blow drying those beautiful locks. It will cut down on static electricity AND makes your hair super soft!

When hats are to blame for that electrical socket look, spray a quick spritz of Static Guard inside the hat before placing it on your head.

To prevent static from becoming a problem, throw a hand-sculpted ball of aluminum foil into the dryer. Just remember to dial it down from “high heat.” Though, I know it’s a wonderful thing to pull that warmed pair of sweat pants out of the dryer after a shower.

Here are a few winter accessories to get you in the mood 🙂

RUNWAY: Galliformes Fedora by Yestadt Millinery, $348.00, available in-store at Anthropologie & online at; CHANEL Tweed Effect Lambskin Gloves, Unpriced, Fall-Winter 2001/2011 Pre-Collection (watch for these in stores soon).

MY WAY: BDG Flannel Fedora, $28.00, available in-store at Urban Outfitters & online at; Nordstrom 22″ Long Leather Gloves, $168.00, available in-store at Nordstrom & online at


Deodorant On Your Clothes Again?! Try this…

9 Nov

Okay, so it’s Tuesday. You’re no longer motivated to get a “jump-start” on the week like you were yesterday. Most likely, you snoozed the alarm one too many times, skipped breakfast, and threw on your “safety” outfit. And as you were running out the door, already 10 minutes late, you noticed those sneaky white deodorant bands that stretched completely across your left side. Damn. Unfortunate, but completely expected for a morning like that. You turned back and started running towards the bedroom to find your other “safety” shirt in a pile of laundry. While scattering clothes in all directions, you started thinking of an excuse to justify your tardiness… Cat’s sick, car died… when everyone knows you were just running late again. You know how this story ends…Ugh.

The good news? A little deo on your clothes won’t hold you back a minute longer after reading this next tip. I learned this secret from a stylist,  30 seconds before walking out on the Neiman Marcus runway (thank goodness!)…

Next time you find yourself in this extremely frustrating predicament, turn back to your closet. No, not to pick out another shirt, but to grab a wire hanger. The kind with foam on the arms to be exact [See picture]. Strip off the hanger’s foam coat and rub the outer side of the foam onto that chalky mess. Don’t worry. You are not rubbing it in further. It will clean right up… and without any water stains!

I did this demonstration myself to show you how excellent this one is. I took my deodorant (the cream kind that comes through the little holes), scraped a couple clicks onto my fingers, and rubbed them onto your standard black cotton shirt. Nothing special. I marked off the area with yellow pins to ensure it’s the same area. These pictures were even taken with my iPhone and were not edited in ANY way. Click & Upload. See for yourself!…



Bonus tip: Store a piece of hanger foam in the glove box of your car to fix on the go!

You can thank me now, or later. But either way, I know you’ll love this trick! Take this poll to tell others what YOU think: