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Five Chic DIY Hairstyles… Number Five

20 Jan Hermes Spring/Summer 2011

Rise and Shine!

So, it’s Thursday. You’re tired. Rundown. Hoping to make it to the end of the week. We understand. That’s why we’ve decided to feature a hairstyle that’s sure to liven things up! It’s playful, ultra-feminine, and dying to be part of your life again. Yes, again…

Reaching back to those school-girl years, this last coif features a style we’ve known & loved… then hated, and now re-invented for it’s most stylish debut yet! The BRAID! And not just any braid… The 2011 Spring/Summer runways were packed full of this tried & true ‘do, but always with a little twist. Here’s a few worth showing: (If you want a play-by-play on any of these, email us at, leave a comment, or visit our Submissions page for more info.)

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