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Remember The Little Things…

24 Nov

During this holiday season, you’ll  be taking a TON of pictures. Pictures with family, pictures with friends, even pictures with food. Does my hair look good? Is my eyeliner bleeding? Should I have worn a different shirt? Though these topics are worth noticing, it’s often easy to forget the minor details in a picture that can differentiate it from a “first-round-delete” to “profile picture” quality. When modeling, you have no choice but to think of those small nuances; it’s your job! However, monetary benefit doesn’t have to be the reason for wanting to snap a good one this season. Go ahead, it’s okay to be a little vain on occasion:

Remember your hands. No one wants to be distracted by a big mitt. Make sure your hands are angled to the camera correctly. Point either your thumb-side or pinky-side of your hand to the camera, not the back of your hand or palm. Doing this will give your arms a more lean and stream-lined look, rather than being capped off with a club. Keep your thumbs tucked to your pointer finger and your arms relaxed at your side, slightly grazing your thigh, and you’ll be taking pictures like a professional in no time!

Go through your pictures and notice your hands. Most likely, the pictures you look most confident in are the one’s where your hands are controlled. Uncertainty will shine through pictures like a beacon. But thankfully, so does poise! So, pull those shoulders back and flash those pearly whites this Thanksgiving!


Look Toned In Any Picture Instantly!

23 Nov

Good Morning Everyone!

Whew! It’s been a crazy week, no? I know I am not the only one feeling the stress of the holidays a little early this year.  Yesterday, I returned from a 5 day cruise to Mexico with my wonderful new fiance’ (living the hard life). In addition to celebrating a friend’s beautiful nuptials on the beach in Cozumel, it was such a great way to get away from it all and to remember just how small you are while looking out onto that massive body of water. However, if you have ever been on a cruise, you know exactly what I mean when I say that the food will find you… and then relentlessly proceed to destroy you.

This very concept is what forced me back to my early modeling roots this past week while trying to capture every picturesque moment on film (or digital… ugh. Don’t get me started on our gluttonous, technology-filled world… that I happen to completely buy into). In between the eggs benedict with bacon and the NY strip loin sandwich with brie from 2am room service, I found my stomach just too darn full to confidently snap those staple bikini shots that frequented my high school “Spring Break 2004” scrapbook. My options at this point were: 1. Don’t take any pictures with my fiance’ in Mexico (ha!), 2. Be stressed about looking okay in pictures that I KNOW will end up saturating the ever-present facebook news feed, or 3. Figure it out. Well, I wasn’t raised to skip out on photo ops or be stressed on a vacation, so I decided to adapt to my buffet-rich environment with this tried and true tip:

When taking a “friends” picture (you know the type… line up, hands behind each other’s back, small girls in front…. cheese!), take a rest from this year’s holiday feast and chew on this instead. Our natural body posture when taking these pictures is to hug your friends close, suck in your stomach, and hope for the best. However, this combo ends up adding a few lbs in 2-D. Sucking in your stomach actually just brings the tension up into your shoulders and neck. When we glance at a picture, we naturally look at the face, neck and shoulders first. Then, comes the subconscious judgement: “Oh she looks great!” or “Hmmm, maybe she should ‘un-tag’ herself in that one.” (Don’t try to be a saint– we are all guilty of this). To avoid that second thought more often, try relaxing your shoulders by taking a deep breath, letting it all out, and rolling your shoulders back away from your chest. This elongates your neck and gives you a more slender look at first glance. Try it out! I assure you that you will be pleased 🙂

Feel free to let us know of any tips or tricks you’ve known to work well over the years in the comments section! We would love to hear them!

Look Through Your Eyebrows…

18 Nov

Well first let me start by apologizing for being MIA for the past few days. There is no real excuse, except the fact that I have gone to sleep at 7pm every night after work this week. I’ve decided to make it up to you by doing a little segment on shooting, as requested by many of you. You don’t have to work as a model to take pictures like one! Over the next few days I will touch on some of a model’s most prized tips to help you be the most photogenic you can be!

This tip is super special to me for a few reasons. I was 13 years old and on set of my very first photo shoot! Talk about nerves! I had NO idea what I was doing. None. Thankfully, the photographer was very directive and I learned a couple valuable things early on. Also, it is actually the very first time I remember thinking, “Hmm, I should remember that!” So essentially, this is what started The RUNWAY DIARIES 🙂

Think about this one when shooting a headshot, full body shot, or even a candid picture with your friends. (Really, any picture where you will be looking directly at the camera.)


I know this sounds physically impossible, but just try it for one sec: Look down at your feet. Now, with just your eyes, look up at the camera in front of you. Lift your chin JUST enough to relieve the tension in your eyes before you get a headache 🙂 This gives you that ‘sultry’ look that is so popular.

This picture was taken using this technique by the marvelous Scott Watters in Dallas:

copyright Scott Watters

Scott is especially talented at directing the model. If you are just starting out, or looking for a perfect head shot, Scott is your man! Check out more of his work at