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DIY Anti-aging Red Wine Face Mask

11 Apr

Good Morning Readers!

Today I’ve got an especially wonderful treat to soothe that tired weekend skin. We know you have that last little bit of red wine left in the bottle, intentionally left to rationalize the fact that you didn’t down the whole bottle while watching Pretty In Pink. Well rest assured that you can now feel confident that your wine scraps will be used for a greater good than your mental health… we’re talking about good ‘ole skin rejuvenation! Your skin will be feeling firmer, cleaner, brighter, and a bit younger with each use of this luscious (no pun intended) mask.

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The Secret to Makeup That TRULY Lasts All Day…

16 Feb

Good Morning Readers!

Clinique Superdefense Triple Action Moisturizer SPF 25; photo Steven Krause

I happen to be a consumer who believes there is no way the beauty mixologists can shell out a “technological breakthrough” with every new product’s reveal. We’re just not all that advanced! I mean, we’re still offering tattooed eyeliner as a reasonable solution to our morning laziness. (Do they just not tell you that your lids will sag, and that sagging lids leads to sagging tattoo ink, and that leads to two skinny, wrinkly, black caterpillars inching their way away from your lash line?! That’s really a question, by the way, if anyone feels compelled to extinguish my confusion.)

Okay, moving on from my rant… I am just not falling for the “longest lasting makeup” gimmicks. Instead, I like to take matters into my own hands and create the perfect atmosphere for the truly longest lasting makeup.

I was enlightened with this tip by a make-up artist whom I’ve worked with on many occasions, so it’s hard to say when, specifically, it was passed on. I’ve used it every day since then though, so you know it’s got to be a gem!

Before applying makeup, wash your face thoroughly. I know, I know, you washed it last night… but during the night you shed millions of dead skin cells that are just waiting to be sloughed off with that morning rinse. After washing, apply a moisturizer with your fingertips, using a small circle motion, to your face and neck. [Don’t forget under the jaw-line and to extend coverage all the way to your ears]. This can be a simple clear moisturizer, or one with a tint. Either way, I suggest using one with an SPF of at least 15.

Let the moisturizer soak into your thirsty skin for about 30 seconds, or until skin looks dewy, but not wet.

Next, dust on your daily powder, whether it be loose or pressed, again in circular motions. Take care to coat your large round powder brush evenly by tapping off excess product before touching it to your face. Start with your most oily areas first: chin, nose and forehead, then blend them into the other zones until you are satisfied with the coverage! Voila!

This trick makes powders last all day long by giving the itsy-bitsy powder particles something dewy to bind to. They essentially set themselves when combined with the moisturizer, creating a beautiful, long-lasting palate!

If you don’t currently own a quality daily moisturizer, try one of these:

RUNWAY: Clinique Superdefense Triple Action Moisturizer SPF 25, $42.50. Click HERE to find a retailer near you.

MY WAY: Garnier Fructis Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Daily Moisture Lotion SPF 28, $12-13, available almost anywhere. Click HERE to find a retailer near you.

Visine, It Gets The Red Out… Of Zits?!

7 Nov

Makeup these days can do wonders. However, whenever I have that surprise zit, I always find myself cursing my ‘miracle’ compact. This super simple trick will eliminate the redness of that zit enough for makeup to do its job. I honestly can’t remember where I picked up this scientific phenomenon, but it is sure to please.

In a small metal teaspoon (the perfect one will still hold a slight bowl formation when resting horizontal on the table) drop a few drops of Visine, enough to make a circle big enough to completely cover that darn zit. Try the new Visine Maximum Redness Relief Formula (the red one), $4-$8, available almost anywhere. Then carefully place this spoon in the freezer where it won’t be bothered for a few hours. This is the only downside to the trick– you have to plan ahead if you are in a rush. I keep one dose ready in my freezer for that last-minute emergency. Once the droplet has frozen completely, slide the icy disc off the spoon with your pinky finger and place it directly on the reddened area. For best results, lie in a position where the visine won’t roll right off your face. It will melt immediately, but that’s okay. After a few minutes that ghastly thing will reduce in inflammation and redness.

The active ingredient in Visine is tetrahydrozoline, a vasoconstrictor. Simply meaning, it constricts the blood vessels. When applied to a red area of the face, the tiny capillaries are constricted by the mixture, causing less blood flow to the area and therefore, less redness. This is the same action that Visine has on vessels of the eyeball. The cold formula reduces inflammation just as a pack of ice would on a sprained ankle. Altogether, a great combination for a nasty little pimple.