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How-To: Instantly Appear Taller (or shorter) in your Infinity Dress

11 Jul


Vintage Origin Infinity Dress in "Periwinkle"

Vintage Origin Maxi Infinity Dress in "Periwinkle" Slinky, $185

Wouldn’t it be nice to own a dress that morphs like a chameleon into the perfect style for your body type? We thought so too! This article will show you how to lengthen a short body frame & shorten a tall frame . . . all with ONE dress! 

The VO Infinity Dress is literally one dress (available in 50+ colors, textures & prints, and in 3 fabric collections!) that can be easily tied into 10+ body-flattering styles

BODY FRAME: The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? Short women always seem to wish for height, while tall women yearn to be petite. We are never satisfied with what we’ve got. While I’d love to be able to change this mentality, I’m afraid it’s an issue much larger than me. So instead, we’ll give you the tools (and the dress!) to combat fashionable women’s longest struggles. 

Lengthen a short frame… by styling your Vintage Origin Infinity Dress in a style that gives off the illusion of a longer bodyline. The key here is to avoid horizontal lines that break a short frame into sections. Try Style #4 & Style # 5. These styles look fabulous without wrapping around the waist, a feature that tends to shorten a silhouette. 
Bonus tip: Wearing high heels with your dress will also instantly add a few inches to a petite frame. Vintage Origin’s unique design allows this Infinity Dress to be adjusted in length as you tie it, so you never have to worry about alterations! Click here for more information on available lengths.  

Vintage Origin Infinity Dress, Style #4

Style #4

Vintage Origin Infinity Dress, Style #5

Style #5

Break up a tall frame… In direct contrast, women wanting to minimize the look of a tall frame should use the tool of horizontal lines to their benefit. Concentrate on styles that wrap around the waist & break up the torso from the lower half. Styles that work wonders for this purpose are Style #1Style #3Style #7 & Style # 8.

Vintage Origin Infinity Dress, Style #1

Style #1

Vintage Origin Infinity Dress, How to Style, Style #3

Style #3

Vintage Origin Infinity Dress, How to Style, Style #7

Style #7

Vintage Origin Infinity Dress, How to Style, Style #8

Style #8

Click on a Style to check out our interactive 
for simple Step-By-Step instructions on how to tie your favorite style!

More Infinity Dresses from Vintage Origin: 
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Vintage Origin Infinity Dress, Burgundy Slinky, Cocktail length

Vintage Origin Cocktail Infinity Dress in "Burgundy" Slinky, $155

Vintage Origin Infinity Dress, "Stella", Maxi length, $185

Vintage Origin Maxi Infinity Dress in "Stella" Slinky, $185

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Needle’s Haystack Grand Opening!

4 Apr Antique Rose Necklace, by My Heart Beads

Good Morning!

Today at 8am CST, the alluring world of accessories gets a modern facelift! Needle’s Haystack, a Dallas-born online marketplace designed exclusively for jewelry lovers & designers, opens their e-doors!… and selfishly, we wanted to be the first to tell you!

Despite the extreme pressures of starting a successful business, Stephen Lehn, CEO of Needle’s Haystack, took time out of his busy day to chat with us about his recent venture, what’s hot for spring, and what he’s offering every Runway Diaries reader!

Clad in his usual t-shirt & jeans, we first asked Lehn what lead him to such a feminine-driven line of work. Lehn describes his past frustrations with “finding the perfect piece of jewelry” for his mother’s birthday (aw!) like “finding a needle in a haystack.” Without the time to scour countless overpriced boutiques, estate sales, and local market vendors, his chances of finding something smashingly original were looking grim. Realizing that he probably wasn’t the only 20-something male searching for “a needle in a haystack,” Lehn set out to create the only marketplace devoted entirely to talented jewelry designers & stumbled upon a catchy name on the way! He quickly learned that not only were gift-searching males delighted with his discovery, but fashionistas of all ages quickly turned to Needle’s Haystack for their adorning needs!

At Needle’s Haystack, consumers are able to access & purchase “unique, handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelry, made by American designers” at a glance, Lehn says. Whether you’re in the market for a Unique Floral Engraved Locket Ring, $25.74, by My Heart Beads, or a Filigree Hand-tooled Sterling Silver & Ruby Bangle Bracelet, $414.70, designed by Lee, you’ll find a gem perfect for you!

Lehn gave us an insider heads up on what’s hot for spring in accessories; “Honey suckle is a popular color choice for spring 2011” and consumers can’t seem to stock up enough on “chunky bracelets.” He added that the “statement necklaces” we saw in fall are still very on-trend, but have updated their look with the addition of beautifully placed semi-precious stones. [TRD find: Sunshine Necklace, $78.65, designed by Jewels For Hope. We love the whimsical feel of this perfect-for-spring semi-precious statement necklace.]

Needle’s Haystack features hundreds (and quickly becoming thousands!) of independently designed pieces on a super-easy-to-use website, complete with detailed product information, alternate photo views, and one-click “Ask The Designer” capabilities. Click here to start shopping!

And for you talented designers, Needle’s Haystack is always looking for new designers to easily offer their unique creations to the e-commerce community, 24 hours a day, in just a few clicks! They add new products daily, so it’s never too late to become a Needle’s Haystack Seller!

The best part? Lehn is generously offering The Runway Diaries readers a $5 gift card towards their purchase at! Use promo code “ENJOY5DOLLARS” when checking out.

Other gems we found on NH:

Golden Seraph Necklace, $85.80, JKDK Designs.

Grey Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings, $25.74, Star Candy Designs.

Rough-Cut Ruby Drop Earrings, $47.19, Bespangled Jewelry.

18″ Freshwater & Baroque Pearl Necklace, $278.85, JYL Walker Jewelry Designs.

Breast Cancer Survivor’s Pendant, $164.45, Glenna Vasoli.

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Good Morning!

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